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Wedding Planning Business Coaching

We would love to be a part of your journey in actualizing your dreams. Our ultimate goal is to develop an understanding of where you are and then develop a plan to assist you in getting to where you need to be.

We understand that owning your own business can be quite scary and overwhelming especially in a market that might seem to be saturated. That is why we are here! 

We only select a handful of interns during the year. Contact us to see if we still have any slots open.


During this session, you get to ask as many questions as you would like. We can focus on one specific area of your choice OR we can discuss a variety of areas related to wedding/event planning. This session can be held over the phone or in person.

One Hour Coaching Session // $299

During the extended 6 Month One-On-One Coaching, we will delve deeper into topics/areas that important to Wedding & Event Planning. We tailor the coaching to your needs. 

Extended 6 Month One-On-One Coaching // $1,999

This is an experience of a lifetime! You get to experience hands on training by spending a wedding weekend with us to see the behind the scenes. This is only offered for a select few of our weddings/events.

Weekend Hands On Experience

Ways we can work together